It’s a wine bar, it’s a bistro, It’s simply home. 

WEDNESDAY - SUNDAY   from 18 to 22 (Kitchen close at 21.30)




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As you know MINI is mini. 
That’s why we’ll continue to offer food to take away and - big news here - Aperitivi boxes for your Picnic gourmand! 

You can also have your food DELIVERED by KOLYMA2

The freshness of the ingredients is mandatory for us.  The best way to offer you fresh ingredients and to avoid food wasting is by keeping our menu as simple as possible.  You will find fewer options in our weekly menù. 
But don’t worry… Our food offer will still be full of the authentic "TRATTORIA” vibes and the usual “Cucina della Nonna” tastiness. 



You can grab a snack, or have a meal paired with one of our wine outside at our mini terrasse or inside in our cozy bistro.



Simply order online and let the guys

of Kolyma do the dirty work for you       - just don't forget to tip :) -

They will bring you our delicious food

directly at your door!


Mini is a laid back Wine Bar, serving a small range of exclusive quality products. Original unique recipes with the finest the freshest ingredients.  Have a look at our menù, a new one every week!

An aperitivo is often described as being similar to the American happy hour, but in reality, it’s much more than that. An aperitivo is a pre-meal drink specifically meant to whet your appetite.

Mini is now offering  Aperitivo to walk!

Every day from 17 to 19.30.  For 5 €  (or the cost of your drink if higher than 5 €) you’ll get a bag of snacks or tasty bites!

Wine plays an essential role at MINI.
We carry a diverse dainty selection of wines, foolishly affordable. Beside the delicious wines, MINI offers different kind of spirits.

Summer is coming! Why don't having a spontaneous Pic-nic or a nice Aperitivo on your balcony! We've got you covered! 

Preorder one of our tasty boxes online or grab it directly at MINI before going to the park!   


MINI • Wine, Food and Cult Movies

It’s a wine bar, it’s a bistro. It’s a movie geek spot!

Mini is a laid back Wine Bar with kitchen, and cult movies, serving a small range of exclusive quality products.
Original unique recipes with the finest the freshest ingredients.  The menù changes, at least, every week and you can always take a look of it on Instagram - @minicultbistro or Facebook.

Run by two Italian folks, partners in life & crime, cult movie junkies, MINI drinks and recipes deliver the whole culture and tradition, behind homemade kitchen, with the latest up-to-date twists.
Colours and taste are protagonist:

a different menu every day guarantees the freshest and tastiest raw material.
The small but outstanding selection of wines roots directly in the owner’s family trusted


Special unique drink of the house: GinRosa.
You might have enjoyed a soothing Aperol Spritz or a bright Campari but you might not have tried this Original Old-school Milano aperitivo quite yet.
A swanky and “well-kept secret” aperitif gem, about time to be discovered.



MINI -  WINE, FOOD & CULT MOVIES - Urbanstrasse 126, 10967 Berlin