“Here’s to the nights we don’t remember and the friends we won’t forget.” ― The Hangover

Are you planning an event and you are looking for a location? Can't stop thinking about,  how wonderful would be having our food at your wedding? Do you want to make a birthday dinner party with a twist? are you a Die Hard fan and secretly dream about a dinner designed around John MacClain's misadventures? Well, we can help!

If you know Mini, you already know how seriously we take celebrations and parties! We put all the passion and skills we have in order to create unique custom events for our clients.

We are able to cover many services (graphic design, menù development, decoration).

The possibilities are limitless, the only limit is our in-house capacity (25 seated- 40 standing)  but we are more than welcome to deliver our food/service to your location.   

Contact us today if you need a fun, memorable event for your family, friends or company.