At Mini - Wine, Food and Cult Movies - We’re obsessed with Cult Movies.

Those movies you can watch 1000 times and still yearn to re-watch, over and over!

The films you can't watch quietly cause you need to say those lines out loud.

Films with iconic soundtracks, filled with nostalgia and powerful visuals. These are the films we want to share with you and, of course, pair with fine food & wine.

We couldn't image a better way to spend an evening than having a nice supper watching a great movie together. 

These cult films are best seen with a group of like-minded people that's why we decided to open this Club.

Mini supper club is a private club that will host evenings for members only. 
If you want to become part of the gang send a request to join this group.

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Mini Supper Club #4 - Christmas movies Mashup!
17. Dez. 2019, 19:30
Mini - Wine, Food and Cult Movies
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